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Buzzworthy Book Award: Gregory Grant’s Small Steps For Doing Big Business

In just a short time since release Gregory Grant’s Small Steps For Doing Big Business: Small Business Guide, the book has been celebrated for the knowledge and expertise that he makes available through his book. Already making a massive impact in a highly niche market; Grant’s compelling vision outlined in his new book will continually change the way we all work and look at company profitability.

Gregory Grant Speaks on Branding at the 2018 Vetrepreneur Summit

Gregory Grant gives his advice on Branding to veteran business owners at the 2018 Vetrepreneur Summit.

Gregory Grant Provides Tips for Nonprofits on BuzzTV

Jeff Shufford and Gregory Grant talk about tips for Nonprofits and how Grant Business Solutions can help their nonprofit.

2017 Jacksonville Vetreprenuer Summit

We had a wonderful time at the Jacksonville Vetrepreneur Summit with the City of Jacksonville and an FSCJ Initiative! A lot of amazing questions were asked!

An Interview with Huffington Post

Gregory Grant is the founder and CEO behind Grant Business Solutions. Greg and his team has solutions that help businesses of all sizes advance and become more successful. This is an exclusive interview with Gregory Grant.

Jeff Shuford: What ignited the spark in you to start Grant Business Solutions?

Gregory Grant: From a very young age, I have always had a love for business. Initially, my goal was to become a business attorney. In my youth, I developed a desire to learn how companies functioned and operated. As I grew up, I begin working for retail businesses and quickly moved into management roles. Soon after, I opened my own business. Over time, I discovered that my passion was to help start and establish companies. What ignited me to start Grant Business Solutions was based on my fundamental desire to help businesses succeed. Our objective at Grant Business Solutions is to continue to be a one stop business solution for new and established companies. We currently offer business solutions for numerous for-profit and nonprofit businesses. We specialize in creating business plans, writing grant proposals, bookkeeping, taxes, payroll services, 501c3 consultation, and much more. Our motto is “If you have a business we have a solution!”

Jeff Shuford: What solutions do you currently offer at Grant Business Solutions?

Gregory Grant: We provide business solutions customized to align with an organization’s goals. There is no one size fits all solution. Every business has unique challenges and emerging opportunities.

Grant Business Solutions finds Tax Incentives and Expense Reductions for Business Owners and Corporations.

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Buzz TV Interviews CEO Gregory Grant