Business Formation Package

This package is designed to help business owners identify and select the appropriate business structure for their organization. The most common types are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. After the business type has been selected, GBS will provide EIN number services assigned directly from the Internal Revenue Service. This number is used for tax purposes for your business. We will also setup the Articles of Incorporation. This is a state record of your company establishment, listing the officers and registered agents associated with the organization.

Business Plans

A professional business plan is vital in many ways to business success. This document is a tangible reference that points to your company’s goal. Every company should have one. Our business plan service provides comprehensive financial projections, hours of industry research, marketing review, market segmentation, and the final product is a printed and bounded copy. The business plan is professionally designed to meet the objectives for investor presentations, traditional bank funding, and much more.

Book Keeping Services

It is imperative to maintain accurate financial records in your organization. GBS offers a wide range of bookkeeping services customized to businesses of all sizes. Our services include monthly bookkeeping, tax preparation, account reconciliations, journal entries, purchase orders, accounts receivables, account payables, general ledger, and much more. Our bookkeeping services are managed and directed by certified Quickbooks Proadvisors.

Grant-Writing Services

The most common scenario with non profit companies, from our experience, is the lack of funding. GBS has a systematic approach to solve this issue which empowers nonprofit organizations to continue and complete their missions. Our services include fund-raising event strategies, corporate sponsorships, and grant writing services. GBS has access to over 20,000 Grant Foundations. We will match your company to the appropriate foundation to assist with funding your nonprofit mission.

Copyright & Trademark Services

Protecting your intellectual property is valuable to your business. Companies invest a lot of time and money creating unique products and services. Copyright protection includes, but not limited to, books, reports, blogs, videos, art, and images. Trademark protection is designed to protect symbols, slogans, business names, and much more. We have partnered with patent attorneys as part of our commitment to excellence. All trademark and copyright services are completed in accordance with the state and federal law. Grant Business Solutions can help protect your proprietary investments.

Brand Marketing

Grant Business Solutions place a great priority on business brand development. The primary objective of branding your business effectively is to create a demand for your product or service. As you create a strong company brand the demand for your product and service will rise creating monetary sales for business success. Successful brand marketing will build value in your company known as brand equity. Grant Business Solutions can help you attain this type of equity in your organization.

Business Funding

Grant Business Solutions understands the importance of having operating capital in your business. One of the most important resources in most organizations is cash flow. Cash flow in its simplest term is the movement of cash in and out of the business. Ideally, there should be more cash or more revenue moving into the business versus cash or expenses moving out of the business. This brings us to the area of business funding. Obtaining business funding for your business should only be used if it is going to put the business in an equitable position. Obtaining business funding that does not yield equitable results will put your company in major debt up to possibly causing business failure. This is the primary reason why creating a funding strategy is vital for business sustainability. We can help you create a business funding strategy that will position your company for success.

Website Design & Management

Your website is a living part of your business. There are three primary reasons GBS recommends website design, redesign, maintenance, and management. The reasons are to improve client interactivity, increase customer acquisitions, and grow business revenue. If your website is not producing clients or business revenue, then your company need website management services. Grant Business Solutions can help you develop a website strategy for your organization.

501c3 Non-Profit Services

All nonprofit organizations will benefit greatly by being recognized as a 501c3 tax exempt business. The primary benefits include, but not limited to; positioning your qualified company to receive private and public grant money, donations using corporate sponsorship methods, and various strategic fundraising strategies. If you have a nonprofit business, sign up now for a free consultation. Grant Business Solutions will assist you with setting up your 501c3 today.

We offer many different services, many of which are not listed. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please contact us. We are your one stop solution for everything your business needs.